NDC Active Ingredient Bos Taurus Tendon

Active Ingredient Information

How many products in the NDC database contain Bos Taurus Tendon?

The NDC database has 3 products with the active ingredient Bos Taurus Tendon. The following table lists all the products that have this active ingredient.

NDC Products with Bos Taurus Tendon

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
48951-1157Proprietary Name: Arnica Stannum Arnica StannumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1158Proprietary Name: Arnica Stannum Arnica StannumPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-9300Proprietary Name: Vaginae Synovialis Tendinum 30 Special Order Vaginae Synovialis Tendinum 30 Special OrderLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE