NDC Labeler Alaven Pharmaceutical Llc

Alaven Pharmaceutical Llc labeler's code is 68220. The labeler has 4 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
68220-112Levsin Hyoscyamine SulfateTabletOralHuman Prescription DrugACTIVE
68220-113Levsin SLHyoscyamine SulfateTablet, Orally DisintegratingOralHuman Prescription DrugACTIVE
68220-115Levbid Hyoscyamine SulfateTablet, Extended ReleaseOralHuman Prescription DrugACTIVE
68220-118Nulev Hyoscyamine SulfateTablet, ChewableOralHuman Prescription DrugACTIVE