Animal NDC 30798-003-69 Aspirin Analgesic And Antipyretic

Acetylsalicylic Acid

Aspirin Analgesic And Antipyretic Animal Product Label Images

Aspirin Analgesic And Antipyretic Animal Product Labeling Information

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Indications & Usage

ANALGESIC AND ANTIPYRETICAids in reducing fever and relieving minor muscular and joint painFOR USE IN ANIMALS ONLYKEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENINDICATIONSTo be used orally as an aid in reducing fever and in relief of minor muscular aches and joint pains in cattle and horses.

Dosage And Administration

Administer orally.Mature Horses and CAttle: 2-4 bolusesFoals and Calves: 1-2 bolusesAllow animal to drink water after administration.

Active Ingredients

Each Bolus contains:Acetylsalicylic Acid................240 grains (15.6 g)

Storage And Handling

Keep container tightly closed an store in a dry place.Do not store above 30oC (86oF)TAKE TIME OBSERVE LABEL DIRECTIONS

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