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Propylene Glycol

Animal NDC Product Code 30798-461-36

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Durvet All Purpose Lubricant Gallon

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENINDICATIONS: Lubrication of the arm or glove for rectal and obstetrical procedures in large or small animals; for lubrication of devices such as stomach tubes, enema nozzles, catheters and obstetrical instruments before insertion into body cavities; as an aid in delivery at dry birth. CONTAINS: A bland aqueous lotion with Methylparaben and Propylparaben as preservatives.

FOR ANIMAL USE ONLYDIRECTIONS: Apply 7 to 10 mL to prewetted or dry glove, arm, or instruments. Distribute evenly. To prepare a bulk lubricant to aid in dry birth, add Lubricant to two quarts of water until the desired viscosity is reached. Formulated to function even if water is not available. Iss. 3-05TAKE TIME     OBSERVE LABEL DIRECTIONSManufactured for:DURVET, INC.Blue Springs, Missouri 64014

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