Animal NDC 50138-406-02 A And L Sani-wipes Pre-milking Teat Preparation

Alcohol, Chlorhexidine Gluconate

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SANI-WIPES™contain a non-irritating, quick-acting disinfectant, which is very effective against a broad range of mastitis-causing organisms.Directions for use:    * For veterinary use only.                * Strip each teat.    * Pull out a SANI-WIPE from the pail. When the perforation appears, give a snap sideways to separate from the next towel.    * Use one single SANI-WIPE per cow to clean and sanitize each teat, including the teat end.Important: For best results, the teats should be free of heavy dirt.Contains 1,000 premoistened wipes.


Caution:KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENFor topical use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranesStorage: Keep container closed when mot in use. Keep away from fire or flame and heat.For Emergencies, call:1-800-424-9300

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Benefits    * Aids in preventing mastitis    * One-step cleaning and disinfection    * Cost effective and convenientUses:    * Pre-milking udder and teat preparation    * Teat cleaning prior to intramammary infusion    * May be used with dairy cows and goatsActive ingredients:Ethanol ...... 9.0%Chlorhexidine Gluconate ...... 0.1%

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A and L SANI-WIPES ™PRE-MILKING TEAT PREPARATIONA True One-Step Pre-Milking Teat PreparationManufactured in Israel for:EXL Laboratories, LLC.  Minneapolis, MN 55405406013-2, 8/13    225443

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