NDC - HCPCS Crosswalk

Effective October 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018

The crosswalk is intended to help understand which drug products -identified by NDCs- are assigned to which HCPCS billing codes. The crosswalk is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all NDCs available in the United States. The NDC to HCPCS Crosswalk also includes information on the NDC package size and the number of billable units.

NDC HCPCS Code Labeler Drug Name Dosage Package Size Package Quantity Billable Units Billable Units / Pkg
67457-227-02J0834Mylan InstitutionalCosyntropin cortrosyn inj0.25 MG110110
50633-110-12J0840BTG InternationalCrotalidae poly immune fabUP TO 1 GM1212
44206-532-11J0850CSL BehringCytomegalovirus imm iv /vialPER VIAL50111
57970-100-01J0875Durata PharmaceuticalsInjection, dalbavancin5 MG11100100
0409-0106-01J0878Pfizer Inc.Daptomycin injection1 MG11500500
0703-0125-01J0878Sicor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Daptomycin injection1 MG11500500
25021-179-15J0878Sagent Pharmaceuticals IncDaptomycin injection1 MG11350350
25021-179-16J0878Sagent Pharmaceuticals IncDaptomycin injection1 MG1103503500
63323-371-10J0878FRESENIUS KABI USADaptomycin injection1 MG11500500
63323-371-19J0878NOVAPLUS/FRESENIUS KABIDaptomycin injection1 MG11500500
63323-871-15J0878Fresenius Kabi USA LLCDaptomycin injection1 MG11500500
67919-011-01J0878Cubist PharmaceuticalsDaptomycin injection1 MG11500500
67919-012-01J0878Cubist PharmaceuticalsDaptomycin injection1 MG11500500
67919-012-02J0878Cubist PharmaceuticalsDaptomycin injection1 MG11500500
55513-002-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG1425100
55513-003-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG1440160
55513-004-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG1460240
55513-005-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG14100400
55513-006-01J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG11200200
55513-021-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.4440160
55513-023-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.3460240
55513-025-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.54100400
55513-027-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.34150600
55513-028-01J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.41200200
55513-032-01J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG11500500
55513-057-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.42425100
55513-098-04J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.441040
55513-110-01J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG11300300
55513-111-01J0881Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd1 MCG0.61300300
55513-002-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG1425100
55513-003-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG1440160
55513-004-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG1460240
55513-005-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG14100400
55513-006-01J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG11200200
55513-021-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.4440160
55513-023-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.3460240
55513-025-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.54100400
55513-027-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.34150600
55513-028-01J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.41200200
55513-032-01J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG11500500
55513-057-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.42425100
55513-098-04J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.441040
55513-110-01J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG11300300
55513-111-01J0882Amgen USA, Inc.Darbepoetin alfa, esrd use1 MCG0.61300300
55513-126-10J0885Amgen USA, Inc.Epoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS110220
55513-144-10J0885Amgen USA, Inc.Epoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS11010100
55513-148-10J0885Amgen USA, Inc.Epoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS110440
55513-267-10J0885Amgen USA, Inc.Epoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS110330
55513-283-10J0885Amgen USA, Inc.Epoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS21020200
55513-478-10J0885Amgen USA, Inc.Epoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS11020200
59676-302-01J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS16212
59676-303-01J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS16318
59676-304-01J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS16424
59676-310-01J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS161060
59676-310-02J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS12510250
59676-312-04J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS242080
59676-320-04J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS142080
59676-340-01J0885Janssen Products, LPEpoetin alfa, non-esrd1000 UNITS1440160
0004-0401-09J0887Vifor (International) Ltd.Epoetin beta esrd use1 MCG0.315050
0004-0402-09J0887Vifor (International) Ltd.Epoetin beta esrd use1 MCG0.317575
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