NDC - HCPCS Crosswalk

Effective January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019

The crosswalk is intended to help understand which drug products -identified by NDCs- are assigned to which HCPCS billing codes. The crosswalk is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all NDCs available in the United States. The NDC to HCPCS Crosswalk also includes information on the NDC package size and the number of billable units.

NDC HCPCS Code Labeler Drug Name Dosage Package Size Package Quantity Billable Units Billable Units / Pkg
45963-615-56J9351Actavis Pharma, Inc.Topotecan injection0.1 MG114040
63323-762-10J9351Fresenius Kabi USA LLCTopotecan injection0.1 MG114040
63323-762-94J9351Fresenius Kabi USA LLCTopotecan injection0.1 MG114040
67457-662-05J9351MYLAN INSTITUTIONALTopotecan injection0.1 MG114040
59676-610-01J9352Janssen Products, LPInjection trabectedin 0.1mg0.1 MG111010
50242-087-01J9354Genentech, Inc.Inj, ado-trastuzumab emt 1mg1 MG11160160
50242-088-01J9354Genentech, Inc.Inj, ado-trastuzumab emt 1mg1 MG11100100
50242-132-01J9355Genentech, Inc.Trastuzumab injection10 MG111515
50242-134-68J9355Genentech, Inc.Trastuzumab injection10 MG114444
67979-001-01J9357Endo Pharmaceuticals Valera Inc.Valrubicin injection200 MG5414
63323-278-10J9360Fresenius Kabi USA LLCVinblastine sulfate inj1 MG1011010
0703-4402-11J9370Sicor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Vincristine sulfate 1 mg inj1 MG1111
0703-4412-11J9370Sicor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Vincristine sulfate 1 mg inj1 MG2122
61703-309-06J9370Pfizer Inc.Vincristine sulfate 1 mg inj1 MG1111
61703-309-16J9370Pfizer Inc.Vincristine sulfate 1 mg inj1 MG2122
61703-309-25J9370Pfizer Inc.Vincristine sulfate 1 mg inj1 MG2122
61703-309-26J9370Pfizer Inc.Vincristine sulfate 1 mg inj1 MG1111
20536-322-01J9371Spectrum PharmaceuticalsInj, vincristine sul lip 1mg1 MG1155
25021-204-01J9390Sagent Pharmaceuticals IncVinorelbine tartrate inj10 MG1111
25021-204-05J9390Sagent Pharmaceuticals IncVinorelbine tartrate inj10 MG5155
45963-607-55J9390Actavis Pharma, Inc.Vinorelbine tartrate inj10 MG1111
45963-607-56J9390Actavis Pharma, Inc.Vinorelbine tartrate inj10 MG5155
61703-341-09J9390Pfizer Inc.Vinorelbine tartrate inj10 MG5155
64370-532-01J9390Pierre Fabre PharmaceuticalsVinorelbine tartrate inj10 MG1111
64370-532-02J9390Pierre Fabre PharmaceuticalsVinorelbine tartrate inj10 MG5155
0310-0720-10J9395AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LPInjection, fulvestrant25 MG521020
0024-5840-01J9400Sanofi-AventisInj, ziv-aflibercept, 1mg1 mg41100100
0024-5841-01J9400Sanofi-AventisInj, ziv-aflibercept, 1mg1 mg81200200
0053-7670-31P9041CSL BehringAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML250155
0053-7670-32P9041CSL BehringAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML50011010
13533-690-20P9041TalecrisAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML50111
13533-690-25P9041TalecrisAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML250155
44206-310-25P9041CSL BehringAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML250155
44206-310-50P9041CSL BehringAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML50011010
68516-5214-1P9041GrifolsAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML250155
68516-5214-2P9041GrifolsAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML50011010
68516-5214-5P9041GrifolsAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML50111
68982-623-01P9041Octapharma USAAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML100122
68982-623-02P9041Octapharma USAAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML250155
68982-623-03P9041Octapharma USAAlbumin (human),5%, 50ml50 ML50011010
0053-7670-31P9045CSL BehringAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML250111
0053-7670-32P9045CSL BehringAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML500122
13533-690-20P9045TalecrisAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML5010.20.2
13533-690-25P9045TalecrisAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML250111
44206-310-25P9045CSL BehringAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML250111
44206-310-50P9045CSL BehringAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML500122
68516-5214-1P9045GrifolsAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML250111
68516-5214-2P9045GrifolsAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML500122
68982-623-02P9045Octapharma USAAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML250111
68982-623-03P9045Octapharma USAAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML500122
76125-790-25P9045Kedrion BiopharmaAlbumin (human), 5%, 250 ml250 ML250111
0944-0493-01P9046BaxterAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML5012.52.5
0944-0493-02P9046BaxterAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML100155
13533-684-16P9046TalecrisAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML20111
13533-684-20P9046TalecrisAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML5012.52.5
13533-684-71P9046TalecrisAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML100155
13533-692-16P9046TalecrisAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML20111
13533-692-20P9046TalecrisAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML5012.52.5
13533-692-71P9046TalecrisAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML100155
44206-251-05P9046CSL BehringAlbumin (human), 25%, 20 ml20 ML5012.52.5
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