NDC Active Ingredient Aconitum Napellus Root

List of the 13 NDC products with the active ingredient Aconitum Napellus Root.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
17312-166Pinkeye Relief Aconitum Napellus Root, Apis Mellifera, Silver Nitrate, Euphrasia Stricta, Sodiu...OintmentTopicalTrp CompanyHuman Otc Drug
48951-7152Melissa Chamomilla Melissa ChamomillaPelletOralUriel Pharmacy IncHuman Otc Drug
50114-9483Traumeel Rx Traumeel RxTabletOralMedinatura IncHuman Prescription Drug
53645-1610Aconitum AconitumGlobuleOralTrue Botanica, LlcHuman Otc Drug
54973-0600Aconite Napellis Aconitum Napellus RootTabletOralHyland'sHuman Otc Drug
54973-2900Aconite Napellis Aconitum Napellus RootTabletOralHyland'sHuman Otc Drug
54973-3156Defend Severe Cold And Flu Aconitum Napellus Root, Cairina Moschata Heart/liver Autolysate, Bryonia Alba Ro...PowderOralHyland'sHuman Otc Drug
54973-3160Sniffles N Sneezes 4 Kids Aconitum Napellus Root, Onion, Gelsemium Sempervirens Root, And Zinc GluconateTabletOralHyland'sHuman Otc Drug
54973-3161Calm N Restful 4 Kids Aconitum Napellus Root, Calcium Phosphate, Chamomile, Artemisia Cina Pre-floweri...TabletOralHyland'sHuman Otc Drug
57293-4429Bioe Calm Aconitum Napellus Root, Arsenic Trioxide, Sodium Borate, Activated Charcoal, Cau...LiquidOralBioenergetics, Inc.Human Otc Drug
68428-865Aconitum, Radix Aconitum Napellus RootPelletOralWashington Homeopathic ProductsHuman Otc Drug
71919-010Aconitum Radix Aconitum Napellus RootLiquidOralWashington Homeopathic ProductsHuman Otc Drug
73585-001Herbs Natural Pain Killer Herbs Natural Pain KillerPatchTopicalInnovatech Capital CorporationHuman Otc Drug