NDC Lookup

Our NDC Lookup Tool is designed to simplify your search for comprehensive drug information. Whether you are a healthcare professional, researcher, or just curious about medications, our tool is tailored to meet your needs with speed and precision.

How can you search? Find exactly what you need by searching through a variety of criteria, including:

  • NDC Product or Package Code (including 11-digit NDC)
  • Product Name
  • Active Ingredient
  • Drug Uses and RxNorm
  • Dosage Form and Administration Route
  • RxCUI, Package Code, and Application Number
  • Company or Labeler Name

Narrow down your results for a more targeted search. Our filters allow you to select from finished products, unfinished formulations, excluded items, or compounded drugs. This feature ensures that you get the most relevant information from the NDC directory.

Quick and Accurate Results - Our search tool is optimized for both full and partial look-ups, ensuring you get accurate information.