NDC Active Ingredient Aluminum Acetate

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
0884-1706Pedi-boro Soak Paks Aluminum Sulfate Tetradecahydrate, Calcium Acetate MonohydratePowder, For SolutionTopicalPedinol Pharmacal, Inc.Human Otc Drug
16864-192Domeboro Cooling Aluminum AcetateGelTopicalMoberg Pharma North America LlcHuman Otc Drug
35192-005Astringent Aluminum AcetateGelTopicalCa-botana InternationalHuman Otc Drug
71207-100Tricalm HydrogelAluminum AcetateGelTopicalModular Thermal Technologies Llc Dba Life Wear TechnologiesHuman Otc Drug
76312-001Tricalm HydrogelAluminum AcetateGelTopicalCosmederm BioscienceHuman Otc Drug
76312-002Tricalm Extra StrengthAluminum AcetateSolutionTopicalCosmederm BioscienceHuman Otc Drug
42851-084Zo Medical Surfatrol Astringent Aluminum AcetatePowderTopicalZo Skin Health, Inc.Human Otc Drug

There are 7 NDC products with the active ingredient ALUMINUM ACETATE.