NDC Active Ingredient Aluminum Chloride

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
0295-0122Certain Dri ROLL-ONAluminum ChlorideLiquidTopicalDenison Pharmaceuticals, Llc.Human Otc Drug
0404-1080Topical Hemo-stat Aluminum ChlorideSolutionDentalHenry ScheinHuman Prescription Drug
10129-017Gingi-aid Solution Aluminum Chloride 25%SolutionDental; Oral; Periodontal; SubgingivalGingi-pak A Division Of The BelportHuman Otc Drug
10733-412Lumicain Aluminium Chloride HexahydrateSolutionTopicalMedical Products Laboratories, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
42756-1100Nrg Hemo-stat Aluminum ChlorideSolutionDentalIq Dental Supply, LlcHuman Prescription Drug
43305-0000Hemostat Aluminum ChlorideSolutionDentalPearson Dental Supplies Inc.Human Prescription Drug
53045-300Frenna Ac Aluminum ChlorideSolutionDental; Oral; TopicalDharma Research, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
53897-001Clinical Strength Miracledry Antiperspirant Deodorant Pm Aluminum ChlorideLiquidTopicalHighland Consumer ProductsHuman Otc Drug
54633-101Aarica Aluminum ChlorideLiquidTopicalThe Podiatree CoHuman Otc Drug
54633-413Aarica Aluminum ChlorideLiquidTopicalThe Podiatree CompanyHuman Otc Drug
54913-001Sweatblock Aluminum ChlorideSolutionTopicalDc Alpine Partners, LlcHuman Otc Drug
55726-048Zerosweat 3 DAY PROTECTION ANTIPERSPIRANTAluminum ChlorideLiquidTopicalZerosweat IncHuman Otc Drug
55726-200Antiperspirant Towlette Aluminum Chloride 14%ClothTopicalZero SweatHuman Otc Drug
58980-155Hypercare Aluminum ChlorideSolutionTopicalStratus PharmaceuticalsHuman Otc Drug
60512-6163Aluminium Muriaticum Aluminium MuriaticumPelletOralHomeolab Usa Inc.Human Otc Drug
61509-100Hemostat Aluminum ChlorideSolutionDentalCargus International, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
63545-650Aluminum Muriaticum Aluminum MuriaticumPelletBuccal; Oral; SublingualHahnemann Laboratories, Inc.Human Otc Drug
64942-1633Dr Sweat Aluminum ChlorideLiquidTopicalConopco Inc. D/b/a/ UnileverHuman Otc Drug
66975-359Gibson Healthcare Buffered Hemostatic Solution Aluminum ChlorideSolutionDentalBenco DentalHuman Prescription Drug
68400-203Hemox A Aluminum ChlorideSolutionDentalMycone Dental Supply Co., Inc Dba Keystone Industries And Deepak Products Inc.Human Prescription Drug
69693-715Certain Dri ROLL-ONAluminum ChlorideLiquidTopicalClarion Brands, LlcHuman Otc Drug
69990-100Duradry Pm Aluminum Chloride HexahydrateGelTopicalNovadore Usa, LlcHuman Otc Drug
76118-0003Purax Aluminum Chloride HexahydrateLiquidTopicalPurax International GmbhHuman Otc Drug
0096-0709Xerac Ac Xerac AcLiquidTopicalPerson And CoveyHuman Otc Drug

There are 24 NDC products with the active ingredient ALUMINUM CHLORIDE.