NDC Active Ingredient Ammonia N-13

Active Ingredient Information

How many products in the NDC database contain Ammonia N-13?

The NDC database has 21 products with the active ingredient Ammonia N-13. The following table lists all the products that have this active ingredient.

NDC Products with Ammonia N-13

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
13267-456Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Nh3n13InjectionIntravenousThe Feinstein Institutes For Medical ResearchACTIVE
24275-0385Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Nh3n13InjectionIntravenousUcsf Radiopharmaceutical FacilityACTIVE
24450-113Proprietary Name: Ammonia N-13 Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousBrigham And Women's Hospital, Inc., TheACTIVE
24562-004Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N-13Injection, SolutionIntravenousBiomedical Research Foundation Of Northwest LouisianaACTIVE
40028-513Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousPetnet Solutions, Inc.ACTIVE
40089-113Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Nh3n13InjectionIntravenousThe Johns Hopkins UniversityACTIVE
49609-003Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousSofie Co. Dba SofieACTIVE
49609-201Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousSofie Co.ACTIVE
52670-552Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N-13Injection, SolutionIntravenousMayo ClinicACTIVE
52768-100Proprietary Name: Ammonia N-13 Ammonia N-13Injection, SolutionIntravenousPrecision Nuclear LlcACTIVE
62072-456Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousKreitchman Pet CenterACTIVE
65857-200Proprietary Name: Ammonia N-13Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousCardinal Health 414, LlcACTIVE
69714-001Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Nh3n13InjectionIntravenousUniversity Of Alabama At BirminghamACTIVE
69864-002Proprietary Name: Ammonia N-13 Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousThe Methodist Hospital Research InstituteACTIVE
70681-001Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13Ammonia N-13Injection, SolutionIntravenousThe University Of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterACTIVE
71162-001Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousIonetix CorporationACTIVE
72333-001Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N 13InjectionIntravenousUniversity Of Wisconsin SystemACTIVE
73410-001Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N 13InjectionIntravenousDecatur Memorial HospitalACTIVE
75913-113Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Nh3n13InjectionIntravenousWashington University School Of MedicineACTIVE
76318-643Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N-13Injection, SolutionIntravenousMassachusetts General HospitalACTIVE
76394-3812Proprietary Name: Ammonia N 13 Ammonia N-13InjectionIntravenousUniversity Of California, Los AngelesACTIVE