NDC Active Ingredient Anakinra

Active Ingredient Information

What is Anakinra?

A ligand that binds to but fails to activate the INTERLEUKIN 1 RECEPTOR. It plays an inhibitory role in the regulation of INFLAMMATION and FEVER. Several isoforms of the protein exist due to multiple ALTERNATIVE SPLICING of its mRNA.

What is the usage for Anakinra?

This medication is used alone or with other medications to treat rheumatoid arthritis. It helps to slow joint damage and reduces the joint pain/swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis so that you can move better. Anakinra is a man-made form of a natural protein (interleukin-1 receptor antagonist) made by the body. It helps to block the effects of another protein (interleukin-1) which can cause joint pain/swelling/stiffness. Anakinra is also used to treat a certain condition called Neonatal-Onset Multisystem Inflammatory Disease (NOMID). It helps to improve symptoms of the disease such as fever, rash, joint pain, vomiting, and headache.

How many products in the NDC database contain Anakinra?

The NDC database has 2 products with the active ingredient Anakinra. The following table lists all the products that have this active ingredient.

NDC Products with Anakinra

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
66658-234Proprietary Name: Kineret AnakinraInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousSwedish Orphan Biovitrum Ab (publ)ACTIVE
68225-067Proprietary Name: AnakinraInjection, SolutionPatheon Italia S.p.aACTIVE