NDC Active Ingredient Artemisia Vulgaris Whole

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
58264-0056D56 Artemisia Cina Pre-flowering Top, Tanacetum Vulgare Whole, Artemisia Vulgaris Whole, Dryopteris Filix-mas Root, Mercuric Chloride, And GraphiteSolutionSublingualDna Labs, Inc.Human Otc Drug
58809-111Dayclear Allergy Immune Therapy DayclearSolution/ DropsOralGm Pharmaceuticals, IncHuman Otc Drug
58809-210Texaclear Natural Allergy Relief Antigens 6x,12x,30xSolution/ DropsOralGm Pharmaceuticals, IncHuman Otc Drug
71281-103Warming Mugwort, MyrrhSalveTopicalCandice Nelms, Inc.Human Otc Drug
71281-301Virasease Lip Astragalus, Dandelion Leaf, Olive Leaf, Myrrh, Mugwort, HoneysuckleOintmentTopicalCandice Nelms, Inc.Human Otc Drug
71281-401Chest Rub Dandelion Leaf, Honeysuckle, MugwortSalveTopicalCandice Nelms, Inc.Human Otc Drug

There are 6 NDC products with the active ingredient ARTEMISIA VULGARIS WHOLE.