NDC Active Ingredient Bempedoic Acid

Active Ingredient Information

How many products in the NDC database contain Bempedoic Acid?

The NDC database has 12 products with the active ingredient Bempedoic Acid. The following table lists all the products that have this active ingredient.

NDC Products with Bempedoic Acid

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
12869-170Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderCorden Pharma Colorado, Inc.ACTIVE
24584-1120Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidTablet, Film CoatedPiramal Healthcare Uk LimitedACTIVE
42765-039Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderMetrochem Api Private LimitedACTIVE
59285-041Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderOptimus Drugs Private LimitedACTIVE
59651-880Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderAurobindo Pharma LimitedACTIVE
66112-913Proprietary Name: Bempedoic Acid And EzetimibeTablet, Film CoatedPiramal Pharma LimitedACTIVE
70447-0003Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderFareva La ValleeACTIVE
71796-049Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderDr. Reddy�s Laboratories LimitedACTIVE
72426-118Proprietary Name: Nexletol Bempedoic AcidTablet, Film CoatedOralEsperion Therapeutics, Inc.ACTIVE
72426-818Proprietary Name: Nexlizet Bempedoic Acid And EzetimibeTablet, Film CoatedOralEsperion Therapeutics, Inc.ACTIVE
81666-002Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderApichem Laboratories Private LimitedACTIVE
82608-002Proprietary Name: Bempedoic AcidPowderAkums Lifesciences LimitedACTIVE