NDC Active Ingredient Bexarotene

List of the 11 NDC products with the active ingredient Bexarotene. Bexarotene is used to treat skin problems from a certain type of cancer (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma-CTCL). It belongs to a class of drugs called retinoids (vitamin A derivatives). Bexarotene works by slowing or stopping the growth of cells.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
0054-0399Bexarotene BexaroteneCapsule, Liquid FilledOralHikma Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc.Human Prescription Drug
0187-5525Targretin BexaroteneGelTopicalBausch Health Us, LlcHuman Prescription Drug
0187-5526Targretin BexaroteneCapsule, Liquid FilledOralBausch Health Us, LlcHuman Prescription Drug
0378-6955Bexarotene BexaroteneCapsule, Liquid FilledOralMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.Human Prescription Drug
0591-2832Bexarotene BexaroteneCapsule, Liquid FilledOralActavis Pharma, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
0832-0285Bexarotene BexaroteneCapsuleOralUpsher-smith Laboratories, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
43975-315Bexarotene BexaroteneCapsule, Liquid FilledOralAni Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
68682-002Bexarotene BexaroteneGelTopicalOceanside PharmaceuticalsHuman Prescription Drug
68682-003Bexarotene BexaroteneCapsule, Liquid FilledOralOceanside PharmaceuticalsHuman Prescription Drug
69238-1250Bexarotene BexaroteneCapsuleOralAmneal Pharmaceuticals Ny LlcHuman Prescription Drug
69238-2088Bexarotene BexaroteneGelTopicalAmneal Pharmaceuticals Ny LlcHuman Prescription Drug