NDC Active Ingredient Bicalutamide

List of the 12 NDC products with the active ingredient Bicalutamide. Bicalutamide is used to treat prostate cancer. This medication works by blocking the action of male hormones in the prostate, slowing the growth of cancer cells. This medication should not be used in women and children.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
0904-6019Bicalutamide BicalutamideTabletOralMajor PharmaceuticalsHuman Prescription Drug
16714-816Bicalutamide BicalutamideTablet, Film CoatedOralNorthstar RxllcHuman Prescription Drug
16729-023Bicalutamide BicalutamideTabletOralAccord Healthcare Inc.Human Prescription Drug
47335-485Bicalutamide BicalutamideTablet, Film CoatedOralSun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
60429-177Bicalutamide BicalutamideTablet, Film CoatedOralGolden State Medical Supply, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
62559-680Casodex BicalutamideTabletOralAni Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
62559-890Bicalutamide BicalutamideTabletOralAni Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
63629-8308Bicalutamide BicalutamideTabletOralBryant Ranch PrepackHuman Prescription Drug
65841-613Bicalutamide BicalutamideTablet, Film CoatedOralCadila Healthcare LimitedHuman Prescription Drug
68382-224Bicalutamide BicalutamideTablet, Film CoatedOralZydus Pharmaceuticals (usa) Inc.Human Prescription Drug
70518-2993Bicalutamide BicalutamideTabletOralRemedyrepack Inc.Human Prescription Drug
71205-577Bicalutamide BicalutamideTabletOralProficient Rx LpHuman Prescription Drug