NDC Active Ingredient Bos Taurus Brain

Active Ingredient Information

How many products in the NDC database contain Bos Taurus Brain?

The NDC database has 35 products with the active ingredient Bos Taurus Brain. The following table lists all the products that have this active ingredient.

NDC Products with Bos Taurus Brain

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
48951-1115Proprietary Name: Arnica Betula A Arnica Betula APelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1116Proprietary Name: Arnica Betula B Arnica Betula BLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1117Proprietary Name: Arnica Betula B Arnica Betula BPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1163Proprietary Name: Arsenicum Cerebrum Arsenicum CerebrumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1259Proprietary Name: Arsenicum Cerebrum Special Order Arsenicum Cerebrum Special OrderLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1327Proprietary Name: Arnica Rosa Arnica RosaLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1352Proprietary Name: Arnica Betula A Arnica Betula ALiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3048Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus A Cerebellum Thalamus ALiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3049Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus A Cerebellum Thalamus APelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3050Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus A Aurm Cerebellum Thalamus A AurumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3051Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus A Aurum Cerebellum Thalamus A AurumPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3052Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus B Cerebellum Thalamus BLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3053Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus B Cerebellum Thalamus BPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3054Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus B Aurum Cerebellum Thalamus B AurumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3055Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus B Aurum Cerebellum Thalamus B AurumPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-5027Proprietary Name: Gnaphalium Stannum Gnaphalium StannumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-5028Proprietary Name: Gnaphalium Stannum Gnaphalium StannumPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-5126Proprietary Name: Graphite Belladonna Graphite BelladonnaLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy, Inc.ACTIVE
48951-8232Proprietary Name: Regio Substantiae Nigrae 6 Special Order Regio Substantiae Nigrae 6 Special OrderLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
63083-2002Proprietary Name: Melancholy Drops 2002Melancholy DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-2040Proprietary Name: Learning Disability Drops 2040Learning Disability DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-2043Proprietary Name: Memory Drops 2043Memory DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-2086Proprietary Name: Cerebral Blood Stim Drops 2086Cerebral Blood Stim DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-2146Proprietary Name: Attention Deficit Mild Drops 2146Attention Deficit Mild DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-2147Proprietary Name: Attention Deficit Severe Drops 2147Attention Deficit Severe DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-2163Proprietary Name: Secretin Cycle I Drops 2163Secretin Cycle I DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-2164Proprietary Name: Secretin Cycle Ii Drops 2164Secretin Cycle Ii DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-3006Proprietary Name: Brain Enhancement Liquescence 3006Brain Enhancement LiquescenceLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-3030Proprietary Name: Pineal Liquescence 3030Pineal LiquescenceLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-3035Proprietary Name: Whole Body Detox Liquescence 3035Whole Body Detox LiquescenceLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-6007Proprietary Name: Beautox 6007BeautoxLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-6044Proprietary Name: Plastics/bpa Detox 6044Plastics/bpa DetoxLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-6045Proprietary Name: Pop Detox 6045Pop DetoxLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-6051Proprietary Name: Muscle Relaxant Detox 6051Muscle Relaxant DetoxLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE
63083-9614Proprietary Name: Brain Drops 9614Brain DropsLiquidOralProfessional Complementary Health FormulasACTIVE