NDC Active Ingredient Bos Taurus Pineal Gland

Active Ingredient Information

How many products in the NDC database contain Bos Taurus Pineal Gland?

The NDC database has 13 products with the active ingredient Bos Taurus Pineal Gland. The following table lists all the products that have this active ingredient.

NDC Products with Bos Taurus Pineal Gland

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
48951-1116Proprietary Name: Arnica Betula B Arnica Betula BLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-1117Proprietary Name: Arnica Betula B Arnica Betula BPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3052Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus B Cerebellum Thalamus BLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3054Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus B Aurum Cerebellum Thalamus B AurumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-3264Proprietary Name: Cerebellum Thalamus B Aurum Cerebellum Thalamus B AurumPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-4026Proprietary Name: Epiphysis 8 Epiphysis 8LiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-4027Proprietary Name: Epiphysis Plumbum Epiphysis PlumbumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-4028Proprietary Name: Epiphysis Plumbum Epiphysis PlumbumPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-5027Proprietary Name: Gnaphalium Stannum Gnaphalium StannumLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-5028Proprietary Name: Gnaphalium Stannum Gnaphalium StannumPelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
48951-5127Proprietary Name: Hypophysis Comp. Hypophysis Comp.PelletOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.ACTIVE
61657-0974Proprietary Name: Total Pro-jes Adrenal,belladonna,chelidonium,dioscoreavillosa,folliculinum,hypothalamus,argini...LiquidOralWhite Manufacturing Inc. Bda Micro-westACTIVE
83230-001Proprietary Name: Dr Dale Wellness Nu Fem 1 2 3 All In One Topical Homeopathic Dhea,adrenal Cortisol,glandula Suprarenalis Suis,human Growth Hormone,igf-i,igf-...GelTopicalDmd Clinical NaturopathyACTIVE