NDC Active Ingredient Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit

List of the 6 NDC products with the active ingredient Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
0220-9074Coliccomfort Activated Charcoal, Copper, Citrullus Colocynthis FruitLiquidOralBoironHuman Otc Drug
48951-3075Chelidonium Colocynthis Special Order Chelidonium Colocynthis Special OrderLiquidOralUriel Pharmacy Inc.Human Otc Drug
54532-0027Hevert Gelsemium Comp Aconitum Napellus, Anamirta Cocculus Seed, Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit, Gelsemiu...InjectionIntravenousHevert Pharmaceuticals LlcHuman Prescription Drug
54973-3174Baby Gas Drops Silver Nitrate, Ferula Sumbul Root, Activated Charcoal, Chamomile, Cinchona Offi...LiquidOralHyland'sHuman Otc Drug
64616-116Comfort For Colic Comfort For KidsLiquidOralVitality Works, Inc.Human Otc Drug
68703-215Neck Back Sciatic Remedy Phytolacca Decandra, Gnaphalium Polycephalum, Hypericum Perforatum, Colocynthis,...LotionTopicalSilver Star BrandsHuman Otc Drug