NDC Active Ingredient Cobaltous Nitrate Hexahydrate

List of the 3 NDC products with the active ingredient Cobaltous Nitrate Hexahydrate.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
59469-305Dalektro N Silver Nitrate, Oyster Shell Calcium Carbonate, Crude, Cobaltous Nitrate Hexahydrate, Cupric Acetate, Iron, Potassium Carbonate, Magnesium Chloride, Manganese Acetate Tetrahydrate, Selenium, Silicon Dioxide, And Zinc PhosphideSolution/ DropsOralPekana Natruheilmittel GmbhHuman Otc Drug
68428-917Cobaltum Nitricum Cobaltous Nitrate HexahydratePelletOralWashington Homeopathic ProductsHuman Otc Drug
71919-210Cobaltum Nitricum Cobaltous Nitrate HexahydrateLiquidOralWashington Homeopathic ProductsHuman Otc Drug