NDC Active Ingredient Denosumab

List of the 2 NDC products with the active ingredient Denosumab. Denosumab is used to treat bone loss (osteoporosis) in people who have a high risk of getting fractures. Osteoporosis causes bones to become thinner and break more easily. Your chance of developing osteoporosis increases after menopause (in women), as you age, if someone in your family has osteoporosis, or if you take certain medications (such as prednisone) for long periods. This medication works by slowing bone loss to help maintain strong bones and reduce the risk of broken bones (fractures). Denosumab belongs to a class of drugs called monoclonal antibodies. It prevents certain cells in the body (osteoclasts) from breaking down bone.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Product Type
55513-710Prolia DenosumabInjectionSubcutaneousAmgen IncHuman Prescription Drug
55513-730Xgeva DenosumabInjectionSubcutaneousAmgen IncHuman Prescription Drug