Aceticum Acidum

List of products in the National Drug Code with proprietary name aceticum acidum. Acetic acid is used to treat an outer ear infection (external otitis). It works by stopping the growth of bacteria and fungus. Treating the infection reduces pain and swelling in the ear. Wetness in the ear canal can help bacteria and fungus to grow. This medication may also contain drying ingredients such as glycerin or alcohol. Drying of the ear canal helps to cure the infection.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Labeler Name Product Type
0220-0030Aceticum Acidum Acetic AcidPelletOralBoironHuman Prescription Drug
15631-0004Aceticum Acidum Rxhomeo Private Limited D.b.a. Rxhomeo, Inc
60512-6154Aceticum Acidum Homeolab Usa Inc.