List of products in the National Drug Code with proprietary name air.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Labeler Name Product Type
10218-003Air Breathing AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Cee-kay Supply, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
10297-103Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)A-ox Welding Supply Co., Inc.Human Prescription Drug
10451-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Distributing CompanyHuman Prescription Drug
10927-104Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Purity Cylinder Gases IncHuman Prescription Drug
11054-110Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcHuman Prescription Drug
11324-006Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Linde Puerto Rico B.v.Human Prescription Drug
11564-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Fresno Oxygen And Welding Suppliers, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
12213-700Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Nexair, LlcHuman Prescription Drug
14961-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Haun Specialty Gases, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
17575-300Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Agl Welding Supply Co., Inc.Human Prescription Drug
18482-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Inland Welding Supply Dba A-l Compressed GasesHuman Prescription Drug
21220-152Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply CoHuman Prescription Drug
23647-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Syoxsa, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
34057-006Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Oxarc, LlcHuman Prescription Drug
42241-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)- Industrial Welding Supply Co. Of Harvey, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
43621-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Djb Gas Services, IncHuman Prescription Drug
44076-020Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)American Welding & Gas, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
46123-109Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Roberts Oxygen Company, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
49204-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Hartman Brothers, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
49575-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Machine & Welding Supply Company Dba Arc3 Gases SouthHuman Prescription Drug
50063-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Andy-oxy Co., Inc.Human Prescription Drug
50554-007Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Dupuy Oxygen & Supply Company, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
51012-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Gilmore Liquid Air Co.Human Prescription Drug
51486-018Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Ilmo Products CompanyHuman Prescription Drug
51887-502Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Maine Oxy-acetylene Supply CompanyHuman Prescription Drug
53440-007Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Westair Gases & Equipment, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
53452-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Dale Oxygen And Acetylene Service, IncHuman Prescription Drug
55037-302Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Matheson Tri-gas, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
55147-004Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Minneapolis Oxygen CompanyHuman Prescription Drug
58632-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Gibbs Welding Supply, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
59579-006Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Praxair Distribution, Inc.Human Prescription Drug
62273-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Metro Welding Supply CorporationHuman Prescription Drug
64169-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Eugene Welders Supply CoHuman Prescription Drug
67525-200Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Spectrum Gas Products, IncHuman Prescription Drug
70151-003Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Central Welding Supply CompanyHuman Prescription Drug
10297-003Air A Ox Welding Supply Company Inc.
10678-005Air Airgas-west, Inc.
10736-016Air Medical-technical Gases, Inc.
10927-104Air Purity Cylinder Gases Inc
11564-003Air Fresno Oxygen And Welding Suppliers
17575-007Air Agl Inhalation Therapy Co.
21220-124Air General Air Service & Supply Co
25543-005Air Airgas East, Inc.
48883-005Air Encompass Medical & Specialty Gases, Ltd.
49204-003Air Hartman Brothers, Inc
49972-006Air Praxair Distribution Southeast Llc
50063-003Air Andy-oxy Co., Inc.
53440-005Air Westair Gases & Equipment, Inc.
54416-004Air Nordan Smith Welding Supply
55749-007Air Industrial Gas Distributors Inc
57472-006Air Airgas-norpac Inc.
58356-003Air Lampton Welding Supply Company, Inc
58420-005Air Airgas Intermountain Inc
58789-500Air Airgas Northern California And Nevada, Inc.
63961-003Air Middlesex Gases And Technologies, Inc.
64735-080Air Air Liquide Healthcare America Corporation