Alcohol Wet Wipes

List of products in the National Drug Code with proprietary name alcohol wet wipes.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Labeler Name Product Type
73760-003Alcohol Wet Wipes AlcoholClothTopicalZhejiang Easyclean Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.Human Otc Drug
74979-006Alcohol Wet Wipes AlcoholClothTopicalRobert Gordon Ind. Ltd.Human Otc Drug
81987-001Alcohol Wet Wipes Alcohol Wet WipesClothTopicalCb Shelton Enterprises Llc.Human Otc Drug
82061-006Alcohol Wet Wipes Alcohol Wet WipesDressingTopicalShandong Aishule Hygiene Products Co., LtdHuman Otc Drug
71198-003Alcohol Wet Wipes Hangzhou Bright Daily Chemical Co.,ltd
74439-002Alcohol Wet Wipes Shandong Province Runhe Sanitary Materials Co.,ltd.
74531-001Alcohol Wet Wipes Fujian Mengjiaolan Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.
74979-005Alcohol Wet Wipes Robert Gordon Ind. Ltd.
76896-001Alcohol Wet Wipes Zhejiang Bing'er Non Woven Fabric Co.,ltd.
78052-101Alcohol Wet Wipes Pingyang Shuerkang Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.
78627-001Alcohol Wet Wipes Suzhou Borage Medical Technology Co.,ltd.
78627-206Alcohol Wet Wipes Suzhou Borage Medical Technology Co.,ltd.