List of products in the National Drug Code with proprietary name aldamed.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Labeler Name Product Type
82810-111Aldamed Painelimin With Collagen CoolingGelTopicalGreen Idea S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82810-112Aldamed Painelimin Extra Strong CoolingGelTopicalGreen Idea S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82810-113Aldamed Painelimin With Hemp CoolingGelTopicalGreen Idea S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82810-114Aldamed Sundermia Sun-exposure Skin Relief GelGelTopicalGreen Idea S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82810-115Aldamed Vaporizing Chest Rub Cough SuppressantCreamTopicalGreen Idea S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82811-111Aldamed Painelimin With Collagen CoolingGelTopicalHerbamedicus, S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82811-112Aldamed Painelimin Extra Strong CoolingGelTopicalHerbamedicus, S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82811-113Aldamed Painelimin With Hemp CoolingGelTopicalHerbamedicus, S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82811-114Aldamed Sundermia Sun-exposure Skin Relief GelGelTopicalHerbamedicus, S.r.o.Human Otc Drug
82811-115Aldamed Vaporizing Chest Rub Cough SuppressantCreamTopicalHerbamedicus, S.r.o.Human Otc Drug