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Works quickly to treat fungal infections including: eye and mouth fungus and fin and tail rot.

Indications & Usage


Use at the first sign of fungal infections.

It also helps prevent the growth of fungus on eggs prior to hatching.

Dosage & Administration


Remove activated carbon from filter and continue aeration.

Use dosing cap on bottle.

Add 5 ml per 5 U.S. gallons (19 L) of aquarium water.

Repeat dose after 48 hours. Wait another 48 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water and add fresh activated carbon.

Residue Warning

NOTE: This product will cause a harmless green color in the aquarium: the color will be removed by adding activated carbon or API BIO-CHEM ZORB filtration media 48 hours after final treatment.

This product can be used in conjunction with API antibacterial remedies.

User Safety Warnings

Not for human consumption or for the treatment of fish intended for human consumption.

Keep out of reach of children.

Otc - Active Ingredient

Contains: 0.4% Acriflavine

Otc - Questions

Questions or Comments?

1-800-847-0659 (In North America)

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Rapidly Treats

Fungal Fish Disease

Mouth Fungus


Fin and Tail Rot


Water Problem


4 FL OZ (118 mL)

Treats up to 118 U.S. Gallons (447 L)

of fresh water

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