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Otc - Active Ingredient

Active Ingredients: 7.2 mg Malachite Green and 120 mg Nitrofurazone per teaspoon.

Dosage & Administration

Directions for Use:For best results, remove activated carbon or filter cartridge from filter and continue aeration. For each 20 gallons (75 L) of water add 1 scoop (1 tsp.). For larger systems, for each 240 gallons (908 L) of water add 12 scoops (4 Tbsp.), or for each 960 gallonsĀ  (3,634L) of water add one cup. Repeat dose after 48 hours. Wait another 48 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water and add API BIO-CHEM ZORB, fresh activated carbon or replace filter cartridge. Caution: Some scaleless fish are sensitive to this medication; therefore, treat at half the normal dose.

Indications & Usage

Diagnostic ChartIch: Ich is a protozoan parasite capable of infecting all aquarium fish. The disease is highly contagious and will spread to all fish in the aquarium. In early stages of infection, no white spots are seen, but symptoms may include darting in the aquarium and scratching against the gravel and ornaments. Labored breathing and lingering at the water's surface may also be observed.Treatment TipsQuarantine aquarium. Remove any dead fish immediately. Do not remove or add any live fish to the infected aquarium. Ich parasites can be spread to other aquariums by nets, algae scrapers and wet hands.The lifecycle of the Ich parasite speeds up as the water temperature rises. So raising the water temperature to 82 F (28 C) may improve results.To aid osmoregulation and ease stress of infected fish in freshwater aquariums, add 1 tablespoon of API AQUARIUM SALT for each 5 gallons (19 L) of aquarium water, or 1-1/4 cup for each 100 gallons (378 L).

Warnings And Precautions

KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.For aquarium use only.Not for human consumption or for the treatment of fish intended for human consumption.Avoid contact with skin and eyes. May cause irritation.! WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Nitrofurazone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.For more information go to WARNING:Carcinogenesis:Nitrofurazone, an active ingredient in Super Ick Cure, has been shown to produce mammary tumors on rats and ovarian tumors on mice. Some people may be hypersensitive to this product.Either wear gloves when dosing or wash hands afterwards.NOTE: This medication will discolor water and may stain aquarium sealant and ornaments. Use API BIO-CHEM ZORB or activated carbon 48 hours after final treatment to remove color from water.

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