Animal NDC 17307-2510-1 Alpha Pro 251

Iodine Teat Spray

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Alpha Pro 251 Concentrate Spray Description

AlphaPro Teat Spray is an aid in theprevention of organisms which maycause mastitis


INGREDIENTS WHEN MIXED; Active ingredient – Iodine 0.25%GMA  1.0%Glycerine 2%


WARNING:  Keep away from children.  If accidentally swallowed or taken internally, contact physician immediately

Instructions For Use

NOTE: MUST BE MIXED PRIOR TO USE: MIX ONE (1) PART CONCENTRATE TO FOURTEEN (14) PARTS WATERAVOID FREEZING DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Immediately before eachCow is milked, spray, dip or foam teats with a (1:14)diluted solution of AlphaPro Concentrate.  Thesolution should be applied to each teat up to thebase of the udder.  At the end of lactation, the teats should be sprayed dipped or foamed with Bova-Proteat Spray for four days after last milking.  If the solution is visibly dirty or contains sediment, use fresh solution.

Alphapro Concentrate 251 Teat Spray

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