Animal NDC 30798-002-17 A-lyte

Amino Acid

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A-lyte Animal Product Labeling Information

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Indications & Usage

FOR ANIMAL USE ONLYKEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENFor use as a supplemental nutritive source of concentrated amino acids, electrolytes, B complex vitamins, and dextrose in cattle, horses, swine and sheep.An oral source of vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes for cattle, swine sheep and horses when dietary intake is reduced.For use in drinking waterA-Lyte Concentrate may be used undiluted or diluted with water. Supply fresh drinking water daily.

Dosage Undiluted

Cattle:  Administer 1 oz. A-Lyte Concentrate per 100 pounds body weight in drinking water to be consumed in one day.HORSE:  Administer 10 oz. A-Lyte Concentrate per 1000 pounds body weight in drinking water to be consumed in one day. SHEEPandSWINE:  Administer 1/2 oz. A-Lyte Concentrate per 50 pounds body weight in drinking water to be consumed in one day.

Storage And Handling

PROTECT FROM FREEZINGStore at controlled room temperature between 15° and 30°C (59°-86°F)TAKE TIME OBSERVE LABEL DIRECTIONS.


Each 100 mL of aqueous solution contains:Dextrose • H2O .......................... 5 gSodium Acetate • 3H2O ........ 250 mgMagnesium Sulfate • 7H2O ... 200 mgPotassium Chloride .............. 200 mgCalcium Chloride • 2H2O .......150 mgComprised of : Niacinamide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6), Thiamine Hydrochloride (B1), d-Panthenol, Riboflavin (B2), Cyanocobalamin (B12), L-Leucine, L-Lysine Hydrochloride, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Valine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Arginine Hydrochloride, L-Isoleucine, L-Threonine, L-Histidine Hydrochloride • H2O, L-Methionine, L-Cysteine Hydrochloride • H2O, with propylne glycol 2.5%, sorbitol 2.5%, lactic acid 0.16%, citric acid 0.1%, BHA 0.005%, methylparaben 0.18%, propylparaben 0.02%, and ehtylparaben 0.01% (preservatives).

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