Animal NDC 47593-609-21 Uddergold 5-star Activator

Alpha-hydroxy Acids (mixture Of Lactic Acid And Mandelic Acid)

Animal NDC Product Code 47593-609-21

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Uddergold 5-star Activator Animal Product Labeling Information

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Product Labeling Index

Safe Handling Warning

FOR USE ONLY WITH UDDERgold  5-STAR BASEATTENTION: For External Use Only. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Get medical advice/ attention if you feel unwell.KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDRENNOT FOR HUMAN USE

Veterinary Indications

Mixing Directions: Add equal volumes of Activator and Base into a clean dip cup/container and mix until the color is uniform throughout. Do not dilute. Mix only amount needed for one milking of the herd. The average amount of product used is less than 1/4 ounce per cow per milking. Discard any unused teat dip. If product in dip cup becomes visibly dirty, discard contents and fill with fresh teat dip. Do not mix with any other product.APPLICATION: Before milking, pre-dip or wash teats thoroughly with compatible pre-dip or udder wash. Immediately after milking, dip teats to 2/3 length in UDDERgold®5-STAR. Allow to dry. Do not wipe. Do not turn cows out in freezing weather until teat dip is completely dry.Note 1: If teat irritation occurs, discontinue use until irritation subsides. Consult your veterinarian if irritation persists.Note 2: The gold color in the mixed product fades with time and is more rapid at higher temperatures. This will not affect the efficacy of the product.Note 3:Avoid Freezing. However, freezing will not affect the performance of this product provided that the frozen contents are thawed completely and agitated thoroughly before mixing Base and Activator together.

Other Safety Information

STORAGE: Store at room temperature. Protect from freezing and heat. Always store away from continuous artificial light or direct sunlight. If product is exposed to freezing temperatures, Activator and Base must be agitated thoroughly prior to mixing.DISPOSAL:  Dilute unused teat dip and flush down drain with water. Do not reuse containers. Empty containers should be thoroughly rinsed with water and taken to a recycling center.

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