Animal NDC 52657-0101-0 Ast Inc. Asti-oxy Teat Dip
Hydrogen Peroxide

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Ast Inc. Asti-oxy Teat Dip Animal Product Labeling Information

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Can Cause Eye Damage

Protect eyes when handling. DO NOT get in eyes or on clothing, Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contamination of food.


Eyes: In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Call a physician.

Internal: DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. If swallowed, induce vomiting and call a physician immediately.

Caution : Avoid Freezing--

If frozen, let thaw and shake thoroughly before using.


Active Hydrogen Peroxide 1.0%

Directions For Teat Dipping:


Fill teat cup with ASTI-OXY. Do not dilute. Before each cow is milked, dip/spray the teats as far as possible into the teat cup containing ASIT-OXY. Wipe teats dry after dipping/spraying, using single-service towels to avoid contamination of milk. Udders and teats which are heavily soiled should be washed before using a pre-milking teat dip/spray. Teats should then be dried with a single service towel and dipped/sprayed in AST-OXY wiping the teats dry before milking.


Do not mix ASTI-OXY with any other teat dip or spray or other products.

Note:ASTI-OXY is not intended to cure or help the healing of chapped or irritated teats. In case of teat irritation or chapping have the condition examined.

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