Animal NDC 52657-0105-0 Asti One Sanitizing Barrier Teat Dip

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Asti One Sanitizing Barrier Teat Dip Animal Product Labeling Information

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Avoid freezing - If frozen, let thaw and shake thoroughly before using.

Directions For Use:

Immediately after each milking and before cow is released, dip each teat in undiluted ASTI-ONE Barrier Teat Dip. Teats should be dipped to the base of the udder. If the dip becomes visibly dirty or contains sediment, replace with fresh solution. At the end of lactation, the teats should be dipped in ASTI-ONE dip for four days after the last milking.

(*with AST Udder Wash or similar)

Active Ingredients:

5% Iodine Complex


Alginic Acid, Glycerine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Skin Conditioning Barrier System

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