Animal NDC 60648-9012-5 Bio-active

Chlorine Dioxide Teat Dip

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Directions For Use:

Mix one (1) part BIO-ACTIVE with one (1) part BIO-BASE.  Mix in a well ventilated area.  This mixture solution will provide a 0.37% active chlorine dioxide teat dip.  Mix enough for one day's use.APPLICATION:Recommended for both pre and post dipping applications.FOR PRE-DIPPING: Make sure udder and teats are visibly clean of any soil.  Spray or dip with dip solution.  Wipe teat with towel and then attach milking unit.FOR POST-DIPPING: Immediately after removal of milking unit, dip or spray entire teat in solution.  Allow to air dry.  If solution in cup becomes visibly dirty or cloudy, then replenish with fresh mixture at full strength.  Do not return unused product to original container.NOTE:Only mix BIO-ACTIVE with BIO-BASE.  Do not mix with any other products.


CONTAINS CITRIC ACID SOLUTIONAvoid contamination of food.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Not for internal use. Not for human use.KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENFIRST AID:INHALATION: Irritating to respiratory system.  Inhalation may cause coughing, tightness of the chest and irritation of the respiratory system.  Move the exposed person to fresh air.  Seek medical attention.EYE​ CONTACT​:​  Irritating to eyes.  Rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes holding the eyelids open.  Seek medical attention if irritation or symptoms persist.​SKIN CONTACT:​ Irritating to skin.  Wash off immediately with plenty of soap and water.  Remove contamianted clothing.  Seek medical attention if irritation or symptoms persist.​INGESTION:​ Ingestion may cause nausea and vomiting.  Seek medical attention if irritation or symptoms persist.  DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING unless advised to do so by a doctor.  GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY.​FOR PRODUCT EMERGENCY CONTACT:  Chem-Tel Inc. 1-800-255-3924

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