Animal NDC 86044-891-88 Asprisol


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Asprisol Animal Product Labeling Information

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Product Labeling Index

Precautions Section

Must be diluted in accordance with instructions before use.Keep container closed when not in use. Store at room temperature.Shake well before use. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.For animal use only.

Dosage & Administration Section

A concentrated solution for use in the drinking water of swine and poultry.The dose of Asprisol is day dependent. Freshly prepare stock solutions daily as follows;Preparation of the Stock Solution for use on DAY 1;Add 4 fl oz of Asprisol to 1 US Gallon of potable water to create a stock solution. Thoroughly mix the stock solution.Preparation of the Stock Solution for use on DAYS 2 THROUGH 7;Add 1 fl oz of Asprisol to 1 US Gallon of potable water to create a stock solution. Thoroughly mix the stock solution.Use of the Stock Solutions.For all day numbers; the stock solution should be metered into the drinking water with a proportioner at a rate of 1 floz per 1 Gallon of water use.Repeat as necessary.

Otc - Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Keep out of reach of children.

Otc - Active Ingredient Section

Acetylsalicylic Acid

Inactive Ingredient Section


Storage And Handling Section

Flammable Liquid.Store at 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F)Excursion permitted between 15 and 30°C (59 and 86°F)May crystallize when exposed to low temperatures. Keep container in room temperature storage before use, or place in warm water. Gently invert container to ensure uniformity of product.

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