Anthelmintic [EPC] - N0000175481

Pharmacologic Class Information

Pharmacologic Code N0000175481
Pharmacologic Name Anthelmintic
Pharmacologic Uses
  • anthelmintic
Pharmacologic Concept Established Pharmacologic Classes - [EPC]
Pharmacologic Concept Description An established pharmacologic class is a term or phrase that is scientifically valid and clinically meaningful according to the following definitions:
  • A scientifically valid pharmacologic class is supported by documented and submitted empiric evidence showing that the drug's pharmacologic class is known, not theoretical, and relevant and specific to the indication.
  • A clinically meaningful pharmacologic class term or phrase enhances the ability of professionals to understand physiologic effects related to the indication or to anticipate undesirable effects that may be associated with the drug or pharmacologic class.

NDC Products with Anthelmintic

The following table contains 22 products whose active ingredient are classified under the same pharmacologic class Anthelmintic [EPC].

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
0078-0937Egaten Non-Proprietary Name: TriclabendazoleTabletOralNovartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationACTIVE
0115-1701Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralAmneal Pharmaceuticals Of New York LlcACTIVE
0591-2712Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralActavis Pharma, Inc.ACTIVE
16714-907Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralNorthstar Rx Llc.ACTIVE
31722-935Albendazole 200 mgNon-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralCamber PharmaceuticalsACTIVE
42291-093Albendazole 200 mgNon-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralAvkareACTIVE
42799-110Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTabletOralEdenbridge Pharmaceuticals Llc.ACTIVE
43598-452Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralDr.reddys Laboratories IncACTIVE
49884-231Praziquantel Non-Proprietary Name: PraziquantelTablet, Film CoatedOralPar Pharmaceutical, Inc.ACTIVE
50419-747Biltricide Non-Proprietary Name: PraziquantelTablet, Film CoatedOralBayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.ACTIVE
50458-675Vermox Non-Proprietary Name: MebendazoleTablet, ChewableOralJanssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ACTIVE
51407-258Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTabletOralGolden State Medical SupplyACTIVE
63629-1221Albendazole 200 mgNon-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralBryant Ranch PrepackACTIVE
63629-9278Albendazole 200 mgNon-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralBryant Ranch PrepackACTIVE
64896-669Emverm Non-Proprietary Name: MebendazoleTablet, ChewableOralAmneal Pharmaceuticals LlcACTIVE
64896-693Albenza Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralAmneal Pharmaceuticals LlcACTIVE
69097-237Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTabletOralCipla Usa Inc.ACTIVE
69539-151Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTabletOralMsn Laboratories Private LimitedACTIVE
70710-1021Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralZydus Pharmaceuticals (usa) Inc.ACTIVE
70771-1103Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTablet, Film CoatedOralCadila Healthcare LimitedACTIVE
72205-051Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTabletOralNovadoz Pharmaceuticals LlcACTIVE
78482-110Albendazole Non-Proprietary Name: AlbendazoleTabletOralMark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PbcACTIVE