Progestin-containing Intrauterine System [EPC] - N0000175832

Pharmacologic Class Information

Pharmacologic Code N0000175832
Pharmacologic Name Progestin-containing Intrauterine System
Pharmacologic Uses
  • progestin
  • progestin-containing intrauterine system
Pharmacologic Concept Established Pharmacologic Classes - [EPC]
Pharmacologic Concept Description An established pharmacologic class is a term or phrase that is scientifically valid and clinically meaningful according to the following definitions:
  • A scientifically valid pharmacologic class is supported by documented and submitted empiric evidence showing that the drug's pharmacologic class is known, not theoretical, and relevant and specific to the indication.
  • A clinically meaningful pharmacologic class term or phrase enhances the ability of professionals to understand physiologic effects related to the indication or to anticipate undesirable effects that may be associated with the drug or pharmacologic class.

NDC Products with Progestin-containing Intrauterine System

The table contains 20 products whose active ingredient are classified under the same pharmacologic class Progestin-containing Intrauterine System [EPC].

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
0023-5858Liletta Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelIntrauterine DeviceIntrauterineAllergan, Inc.ACTIVE
16714-809New Day Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralNorthstar Rx LlcACTIVE
50090-5978Plan B One-step Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralA-s Medication SolutionsACTIVE
50419-423Mirena Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelIntrauterine DeviceIntrauterineBayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.ACTIVE
50419-491Climara Pro Non-Proprietary Name: Estradiol And LevonorgestrelPatchTransdermalBayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.ACTIVE
51660-999Levonorgestrel Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralOhm Laboratories Inc.ACTIVE
58602-891After Banger Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralAurohealth LlcACTIVE
59726-138Emergency Contraceptive Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralP & L Development, LlcACTIVE
68462-637Levonorgestrel And Ethinyl Estradiol Non-Proprietary Name: Levonorgestrel And Ethinyl EstradiolTabletOralGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc., UsaACTIVE
69953-617Postday One-step Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralRapha Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ACTIVE
69953-618Postday One-step Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralRapha Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ACTIVE
69953-628Postday One-step Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralRapha Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ACTIVE
70000-0647Emergency Contraceptive Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralCardinal Health (leader) 70000ACTIVE
70700-164Levonorgestrel Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralXiromed LlcACTIVE
71671-100Twirla Non-Proprietary Name: Levonorgestrel/ethinyl EstradiolPatchTransdermalAgile Therapeutics, Inc.ACTIVE
72288-111Basic Care Levonorgestrel Non-Proprietary Name: Services LlcACTIVE
72657-108Shewise Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralGlenmark Therapeutics Inc., UsaACTIVE
73436-2859Morning After Pill Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralCadence Health IncACTIVE
80584-102Stix Restart Non-Proprietary Name: LevonorgestrelTabletOralGet Stix IncACTIVE
83567-7003Empowered Choice Non-Proprietary Name: Levonorgestrel 1.5 MgTabletOralVersea DiagnosticsACTIVE