Pyrethroid [EPC] - N0000175847

Pharmacologic Class Information

Pharmacologic Code N0000175847
Pharmacologic Name Pyrethroid
Pharmacologic Uses
  • pyrethroid
Pharmacologic Concept Established Pharmacologic Classes - [EPC]
Pharmacologic Concept Description An established pharmacologic class is a term or phrase that is scientifically valid and clinically meaningful according to the following definitions:
  • A scientifically valid pharmacologic class is supported by documented and submitted empiric evidence showing that the drug's pharmacologic class is known, not theoretical, and relevant and specific to the indication.
  • A clinically meaningful pharmacologic class term or phrase enhances the ability of professionals to understand physiologic effects related to the indication or to anticipate undesirable effects that may be associated with the drug or pharmacologic class.

NDC Products with Pyrethroid

The table contains 24 products whose active ingredient are classified under the same pharmacologic class Pyrethroid [EPC].

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
0113-1910Good Sense Lice Killing Creme Rinse Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalL. Perrigo CompanyACTIVE
0363-0955Lice Treatment Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalWalgreen CompanyACTIVE
0472-0242Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinCreamTopicalActavis Pharma, Inc.ACTIVE
11822-0549Lice Treatment Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalRite Aid CorporationACTIVE
16714-897Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinCreamTopicalNorthstar Rx LlcACTIVE
21922-021Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: Permethrin Cream 5% W/wCreamTopicalEncube Ethicals Private LimitedACTIVE
36800-629Topcare Lice Killing Creme Rinse Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalTopco Associates LlcACTIVE
45802-269Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinCreamTopicalPadagis Israel Pharmaceuticals LtdACTIVE
46122-108Good Neighbor Pharmacy Lice Treatment Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalAmerisource BergenACTIVE
49348-150Sunmark Lice Treatment Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalStrategic Sourcing Services LlcACTIVE
50090-3149Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinCreamTopicalA-s Medication SolutionsACTIVE
50090-5888Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: Permethrin 5% W/wCreamTopicalA-s Medication SolutionsACTIVE
53002-9570Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinCreamTopicalRpk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ACTIVE
53002-9571Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: Permethrin 5% W/wCreamTopicalRpk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ACTIVE
59651-834Elimite Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinCreamTopicalAurobindo Pharma LimitedACTIVE
59779-769Lice Treatment Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalCvs PharmacyACTIVE
62011-0255Health Mart Lice Treatment Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalStrategic Sourcing Services LlcACTIVE
63471-3006Nix Lice Killing Creme Rinse Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinRinseTopicalGeodis Logistics LlcACTIVE
63736-030Nix Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinRinseTopicalInsight Pharmaceuticals LlcACTIVE
68071-1627Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: Permethrin Cream 5% W/wCreamTopicalNucare Pharmaceuticals,inc.ACTIVE
68788-8439Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: Permethrin Cream 5% W/wCreamTopicalPreferred Pharmaceuticals Inc.ACTIVE
70000-0041Leader Lice Treatment Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinLotionTopicalCardinal Health 110, Llc. Dba LeaderACTIVE
70518-2945Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: Permethrin Cream 5% W/wCreamTopicalRemedyrepack Inc.ACTIVE
72162-2171Permethrin Non-Proprietary Name: PermethrinCreamTopicalBryant Ranch PrepackACTIVE