NDC Labeler Accelerate360 Llc

Accelerate360 Llc labeler's code is 74212. The labeler has 10 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type
74212-0005Lily Of The Desert Nutraceuticals Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 Oz. AlcoholGelTopicalHuman Otc Drug
74212-0029Lily Of The Desert Nutraceuticals Hand Sanitizer Gel 8 Oz AlcoholGelTopicalHuman Otc Drug
74212-0043Love Of Dream Alcohol Wipes 10 Pack AlcoholClothTopicalHuman Otc Drug
74212-0050Love Of Dream Alcohol Wipes 50 Pack AlcoholClothTopicalHuman Otc Drug
74212-0081Love Of Dream Wipes 10 Safety Pack AlcoholClothTopicalHuman Otc Drug
74212-100175% Alcohol Hand Sanitzer AlcoholGelTopicalHuman Otc Drug
74212-1002Disinfectant Wipes AlcoholClothTopicalHuman Otc Drug
74212-0364Lifetogo Alcohol Wipes 10 Pack
74212-0371Lifetogo Alcohol Wipes Safety Pack
74212-0388Lifetogo Alcohol Wipes 50 Pack