NDC Labeler All Natural Dynamics

All Natural Dynamics labeler's code is 51769. The labeler has 29 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
51769-088Dove Aluminum SesquichlorohydrateAerosol, SprayTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
51769-089Dove Antiperspirant Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GlyStickTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
51769-108Estomaquil Polvo Bismuth SubsalicylatePowderOralHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
51769-121Silka GelTerbinafine HydrochlorideGelTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
51769-427Head And Shoulder MEN OLD SPICEPyrithione ZincLotion/shampooTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
51769-002Ting Athetes footINACTIVATED
51769-003Ting CreamINACTIVATED
51769-105Obao Soft FreshnessINACTIVATED
51769-107Obao Bamboo BreezeINACTIVATED
51769-123Obao Floral FreshnessINACTIVATED
51769-124Antiperspirant Deodorant INACTIVATED
51769-125Obao Cool MetalINACTIVATED
51769-127Obao ActiveINACTIVATED
51769-133Head And Shoulders menthol freshINACTIVATED
51769-134Head And Shoulders menthol freshINACTIVATED
51769-139Head And Shoulders renewing cleanINACTIVATED
51769-140Head And Shoulders hair loss preventionINACTIVATED
51769-141Head And Shoulders breakage preventionINACTIVATED
51769-411Obao Sensitive PassionINACTIVATED
51769-412Obao Sensitive PassionINACTIVATED
51769-555Mum Chamomile INACTIVATED
51769-614Clarant B3 INACTIVATED
51769-615Ponds clarant b3INACTIVATED
51769-666Lady Speed Stick INACTIVATED
51769-888Obao Men Audaz INACTIVATED
51769-890Ponds VAO-B3INACTIVATED
51769-901Head And Shoulders smooth and silkyINACTIVATED
51769-980Stefano FireINACTIVATED
51769-999Stefano BlackINACTIVATED