NDC Labeler Amd Medicom

Amd Medicom labeler's code is 64778. The labeler has 45 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
64778-0446Denti-care Denti-rinse Neutral Sodium Fluoride Oral RinseSodium FluorideLiquidDentalHuman Prescription DrugACTIVE
64778-0213Denti-care Denti-pro Topical Sodium Fluoride 60 Second
64778-0214Denti-care Denti-pro Topical Sodium Fluoride 60 Second
64778-0215Denti-care Denti-pro Topical Sodium Fluoride 60 Second
64778-0216Denti-care Denti-pro Topical Sodium Fluoride 60 Second
64778-0217Denti-care Denti-pro Topical Sodium Fluoride 60 Second
64778-0218Denti-care Denti-pro Topical Sodium Fluoride 60 Second
64778-0219Denti-care Denti-pro Topical Sodium Fluoride 60 Second
64778-0220Denticare Pro-gel Neutral Sodium Fluoride
64778-0226Denticare Pro-gel Neutral Sodium Fluoride
64778-0236Denticare Denti-pro
64778-0239Neutral Sodium Fluoride
64778-0244Chlorhexidine Gluconante
64778-0373Denti-care Denti-foam Topical Sodium Fluoride Bubble Gum
64778-0375Denti-care Denti-foam Topical Sodium Fluoride Grape
64778-0376Denti-care Denti-foam Topical Sodium Fluoride Mint
64778-0377Denti-care Denti-foam Topical Sodium Fluoride Orange
64778-0378Denti-care Denti-foam Topical Sodium Fluoride Raspberry
64778-0379Denti-care Denti-foam Topical Sodium Fluoride Strawberry
64778-0386Neutral Topical
64778-0388Neutral Topical
64778-0393Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Bubblegum
64778-0394Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Cherry
64778-0396Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Mint
64778-0398Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Raspberry
64778-0399Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Strawberry
64778-0448Denti-care Denti-rinse Neutral Sodium Fluoride Oral Rinse Berry
64778-0493Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Bubblegum
64778-0494Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Cherry
64778-0496Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Mint
64778-0498Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Raspberry
64778-0499Denti-care Denti-freeze Topical Anesthetic Strawberry
64778-1212Denticare Pro-gel
64778-1213Denticare Pro-gel
64778-1231Denticare Pro-gel
64778-1232Denticare Pro-gel
64778-1233Denticare Pro-gel
64778-1371Denticare Pro-foam
64778-1372Denticare Pro-foam
64778-1373Denti-care Topical Fluoride Foam Bubble GumINACTIVATED
64778-1375Denti-care Topical Fluoride Foam GrapeINACTIVATED
64778-1377Denti-care Topical Fluoride Foam OrangeINACTIVATED
64778-1378Denti-care Topical Fluoride Foam RaspberryINACTIVATED
64778-1379Denti-care Topical Sodium Fluoride StrawberryINACTIVATED
64778-1443Denticare Pro-rinse