NDC Labeler Apex Healthcare Limited

Apex Healthcare Limited labeler's code is 69617. The labeler has 6 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
69617-006 Prilocaine HclPowderBulk IngredientUNFINISHED
69617-007 BenzocainePowderBulk IngredientUNFINISHED
69617-008 BisacodylPowderBulk IngredientUNFINISHED
69617-009 LidocainePowderBulk IngredientUNFINISHED
69617-010 Lidocaine HclPowderBulk IngredientUNFINISHED
69617-011 PrilocainePowderBulk IngredientUNFINISHED