NDC Labeler Apexel Co., Ltd

Apexel Co., Ltd labeler's code is 55259. The labeler has 13 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type
55259-00017030 Calcium Gold CalciumCapsuleOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-00027030 Calcium Premium CalciumCapsuleOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-0003Hantai 8030 Ca-d3 Premium Ostreae Concha, CalciumTabletOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-0004Hantai 8030 Ca-d3 Gold Ostreae Concha (calcium 99%)TabletOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-0006Korea Calcium King Ostreae ConchaTabletOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-0007Ag-x CalciumTabletOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-6001Great Calcium Ostreae ConchaTabletOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-9001Prevent Restoration Oyster ShellTabletOralHuman Otc Drug
55259-10017030 Calcium Gold
55259-20017030 Calcium Premium
55259-4001Hantai 8030 Ca-d3 Premium
55259-5001Hantai 8030 Ca-d3 Gold
55259-7001Korea Calcium King