NDC Labeler Astonea Labs Private Limited

Astonea Labs Private Limited labeler's code is 77338. The labeler has 37 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
77338-007Astonea Cold Therapy Menthol 4%GelTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-009Lidocaine Pain Relief Lidocaine HclCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-013Menthol And Zinc Oxide Menthol And Zinc OxideOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-014Tenderphor Skin ProtectantOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-015Astonea Green Gel MentholGelTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-021Astoneagran Aluminium HydroxideOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-022Astonea Xero Skin ProtectantOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-041Miconazole Nitrate 2% Cream Antifungal Miconazole NitrateCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-050Astonea Skin Protectant Zinc OxideOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-091Astonea -sodium Fluoride Sodium FloridePaste, DentifriceDentalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-100Astonea Burn Cream LidocaineCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-101Petrolatum Jelly PetrolatumJellyTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-103Aloe Vera Petrolatum Jelly PetrolatumJellyTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-162Petrolatum Jelly PetrolatumJellyTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-164Diaper Rash Cream 40% Zinc Zinc OxideCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-165Astonea Miconazole Nitrate AntifungalPowderTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-201Astonea Maximum Strength Oral Pain Relief Benzocaine 20%, Benzalkonium Chloride 1%GelTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-211Astonea Petrolatum PetrolatumOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-212Astonea Care Muscle And Join Pain Relief Cream Menthol, Methyl SalicylateCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-213Astonea A And D With Lanolin Lanolin, PetrolatumOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-215Astonea Extra Strength Anti-itch Cream Itch StoppingDiphenhydramine Hydrochloride And Zinc AcetateCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-229Astoneatriple Antibiotic Pain Relief Bacitracin,neomycin,polymxin, PramoxineOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-302Astonea First AidBacitracin Zinc Neomycin Sulfate Polymyxin B SulfateOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-303Astonea First AidBacitracin ZincOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-304Astonea Zinc OxideOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-305Astonea HydrocortisoneCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-306Astonea EN SHIELD ALOE SOFT VITAMIN ENRICHEDZinc OxideCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-307Astonea Vitamin A and DWhite PetrolatumOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-312Astonea Clotrimazole 1% Athletes FootClotrimazoleCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-321Astonea Chest Rub Camphor (synthetic), Eucalyptus Oil, And MentholOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-402Astonea Cold Ice Analgesic Gel MentholGelTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-403Astonea Medicated Body Powder PowderMenthol, Zinc OxidePowderTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-410Hemorrhoidalcreampro Phenylephrine Hcl, Petrolatum, Mineral OilCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-802Astonea PeriShieldZinc OxideOintmentTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-934Astonea Antifungal Cream Tolnaflate TolnaftateCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
77338-105Astonea-vitamins A And D INACTIVATED
77338-115Astonea 93-vitamins A And D INACTIVATED