NDC Labeler Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. labeler's code is 59886. The labeler has 32 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type
59886-413Olivene Diaper RashZinc OxideOintmentTopicalHuman Otc Drug
59886-304Ultrasol nature BABY Sunscreen
59886-308Ultrasolsunscreen KIDS Sunscreen Lotion SPF 34
59886-309Ultrasolsunscreen KIDS Sunscreen Lotion
59886-315Ultrasolsunscreen KIDS Sunscreen Spray Lotion SPF 30
59886-316Ultrasolsunscreen KIDS Sunscreen Mousse
59886-318Ultrasolsunscreen Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15
59886-319Ultrasolsunscreen Sunscreen Lotion SPF 34
59886-320Ultrasolsunscreen Sunscreen Lotion SPF 34
59886-322Ultrasolsunscreen Sunscreen Lotion SPF45
59886-326Ultrasolsunscreen Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 34
59886-327Ultrasol KIDS Sunscreen
59886-330Ultrasolsunscreen Sunscreen Spray Lotion SPF 15
59886-336Ultrasol nature BABY Sunscreen
59886-337Ultrasolsunscreen nature BABY Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 45
59886-338Ultrasol OIL-FREE Sunscreen
59886-339Ultrasol Sport
59886-340Ultrasolsunscreen Sport Sunscreen Lotion CONTINUOUS SPRAY SPF 45
59886-343Ultrasolsunscreen Sunscreen Lotion Continuous Spray SPF 45
59886-344Ultrasolsunscreen KIDS Sunscreen Lotion Continuous Spray SPF 45
59886-346Ultrasolsunscreen Clear CONTINUOUS SPRAY SPF43
59886-347Ultrasolsunscreen KIDS Clear CONTINUOUS SPRAY
59886-348Ultrasolsunscreen Sport Clear CONTINUOUS SPRAY
59886-349Ultrasol nature BABY Sunscreen
59886-350Ultrasol Sport Sunscreen
59886-351Ultrasol Sunscreen
59886-352Ultrasol Sunscreen SPF45
59886-353Ultrasol KIDS
59886-354Ultrasol Sport
59886-355Ultrasol Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45
59886-410Asepxia Facial cleansing
59886-414Pure Baby Diaper Rash