NDC Labeler Home Sweet Homeopathics

Home Sweet Homeopathics labeler's code is 59667. The labeler has 102 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
59667-0001Abundant Milk INACTIVATED
59667-0002Thrush Nipples INACTIVATED
59667-0003Abundant Milk 2 INACTIVATED
59667-0010Tummy Aches And Gas INACTIVATED
59667-0011Uti And Kidney Stones INACTIVATED
59667-0012Nausea, Vomiting And Diarrhea INACTIVATED
59667-0013Bug Bites And Stings INACTIVATED
59667-0014Infected Cuts And Punctures INACTIVATED
59667-0015Cuts And Scrapes INACTIVATED
59667-0016Burns INACTIVATED
59667-0017Blunt Trauma INACTIVATED
59667-0018Head Injury INACTIVATED
59667-0019Sprains, Strains And Fractures INACTIVATED
59667-0020Mild Earaches And Teething INACTIVATED
59667-0021Eye Injuries And Infections INACTIVATED
59667-0022Headaches INACTIVATED
59667-0023Toothaches And Abscess INACTIVATED
59667-0024Migraines INACTIVATED
59667-0025Sinus Headaches And Infections INACTIVATED
59667-0026Fever And Flu INACTIVATED
59667-0027Cough And Cold INACTIVATED
59667-0028Nagging Cough INACTIVATED
59667-0029Croup INACTIVATED
59667-0030Allergic Attack INACTIVATED
59667-0031Food Sensitivities INACTIVATED
59667-0032Hay Fever INACTIVATED
59667-0033Constipation INACTIVATED
59667-0034Chillax INACTIVATED
59667-0035Back Strain And Injury INACTIVATED
59667-0036Reflux And Heartburn INACTIVATED
59667-0037Rashes And Hives INACTIVATED
59667-0038Stiff Joints INACTIVATED
59667-0039Joint Pain INACTIVATED
59667-0040Early Menopause INACTIVATED
59667-0041Healing After Surgery INACTIVATED
59667-0042Severe Back Pain INACTIVATED
59667-0043Nausea And Vomiting INACTIVATED
59667-0044Water Retention And High Bp INACTIVATED
59667-0045Breech Baby INACTIVATED
59667-0046Back Labor INACTIVATED
59667-0047Labor Exhaustion INACTIVATED
59667-0048Pph Prevention INACTIVATED
59667-0049Pph INACTIVATED
59667-0050Baby Respiration INACTIVATED
59667-0051After Pains And Tears INACTIVATED
59667-0052Postpartum Issues INACTIVATED
59667-0053Infection INACTIVATED
59667-0054Low Iron INACTIVATED
59667-0055Loss, Grief And Depression INACTIVATED
59667-0056Boob Ease INACTIVATED
59667-0057Bfing Aversion INACTIVATED
59667-0058Sore Nipples INACTIVATED
59667-0059Yummy Mummy Milk INACTIVATED
59667-0060Menstrual Cramps Back INACTIVATED
59667-0061Menstrual Cramps Front INACTIVATED
59667-0062Scanty Flow INACTIVATED
59667-0063Heavy Flow INACTIVATED
59667-0064Pcos INACTIVATED
59667-0065Bloating INACTIVATED
59667-0066Hormonal Headaches INACTIVATED
59667-0067Tender Breasts INACTIVATED
59667-0068Mood Swings INACTIVATED
59667-0069Baby Dust INACTIVATED
59667-0070Sticky Baby Dust INACTIVATED
59667-0071Rainbow Baby INACTIVATED
59667-0072Ovulation Boost INACTIVATED
59667-0073Hot Flashes INACTIVATED
59667-0075Tantrums And Whining INACTIVATED
59667-0076Kicking And Screaming INACTIVATED
59667-0077Hair Pulling INACTIVATED
59667-0078Pinching And Biting INACTIVATED
59667-0079Throwing And Hitting INACTIVATED
59667-0080Attention Span INACTIVATED
59667-0081Sibling Jealousy INACTIVATED
59667-0082Loud Child INACTIVATED
59667-0083Speech Therapy INACTIVATED
59667-0084Growing Pains INACTIVATED
59667-0085Hypersensitivity INACTIVATED
59667-0086Peepsing INACTIVATED
59667-0087Night Terrors INACTIVATED
59667-0088Nighty Night INACTIVATED
59667-0089Asthma INACTIVATED
59667-0090Whooping Cough 2 INACTIVATED
59667-0091Difficult Expectoration INACTIVATED
59667-0092Chest Cold INACTIVATED
59667-0093Bronchitis INACTIVATED
59667-0094Whooping Cough INACTIVATED
59667-0095Wet Weather Asthma INACTIVATED
59667-0096Asthma Allergies INACTIVATED
59667-0098Strep Throat INACTIVATED
59667-0099Lip And Tongue Tie Revision INACTIVATED
59667-0100Tonsillitis INACTIVATED
59667-0101Hand Foot Mouth INACTIVATED
59667-0102Ingrown Toenails INACTIVATED
59667-0103Diabetes INACTIVATED
59667-0104Cerebral Palsy INACTIVATED
59667-0105Angry Eyebrows INACTIVATED
59667-0106Mellow Out INACTIVATED
59667-0107Absent Minded INACTIVATED
59667-0108Memory Boost INACTIVATED
59667-0109Stye In The Eye INACTIVATED
59667-0110Weight Loss INACTIVATED