NDC Labeler Miguhara

Miguhara labeler's code is 70380. The labeler has 34 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
70380-010Ehp Cleansing INACTIVATED
70380-020Ac Clear Sheet Mask INACTIVATED
70380-030Water Balance Sheet Mask INACTIVATED
70380-040Wrinkle Repair Sheet Mask INACTIVATED
70380-050Daily Whitening Care Sheet Mask INACTIVATED
70380-060Origin Horse Sheet Mask INACTIVATED
70380-070Ac Control Serum INACTIVATED
70380-080Aloe Soothing INACTIVATED
70380-090Anti Wrinkle Effect Ample INACTIVATED
70380-100Anti Wrinkle Effect INACTIVATED
70380-110Anti Wrinkle Effect Eye INACTIVATED
70380-120Anti Wrinkle Hand Essence INACTIVATED
70380-130Apple Bubble INACTIVATED
70380-150Camelia Facial INACTIVATED
70380-160Daily Care Sun INACTIVATED
70380-170Dead Skin Perfect Cleanser INACTIVATED
70380-180Egf Crystal 10 Ppm INACTIVATED
70380-190Hyalucollagen Essence INACTIVATED
70380-200Hyalucollagen Moisture INACTIVATED
70380-210Hyalucollagen Moisture INACTIVATED
70380-220Hyalucollagen Moisture Skin INACTIVATED
70380-230Hyalucollagen Moisture Toner INACTIVATED
70380-240Hyalucollagen Moisturizer Normal and dry skinINACTIVATED
70380-250Hyalucollagen Moisturizer combination skinINACTIVATED
70380-260Moisture Essence Mist INACTIVATED
70380-270Moisturizing Body INACTIVATED
70380-280Pore Blackhead Clear Mask INACTIVATED
70380-290Pore Blackhead Tightening Mask INACTIVATED
70380-300Refining Pore Clear Pack INACTIVATED
70380-310Scar Serum INACTIVATED
70380-320Ultra Whitening Ample INACTIVATED
70380-330Ultra Whitening First Essence INACTIVATED
70380-340Ultra Whitening INACTIVATED