NDC Labeler Personal Care Products, Llc

Personal Care Products, Llc labeler's code is 29500. The labeler has 121 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
29500-7820Vagicaine Benzocaine, ResorcinolCreamTopicalHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
29500-0035Personal Care Antifungal INACTIVATED
29500-0177Oil Free Acne Wash INACTIVATED
29500-0240Sensitive Skin Deep Cleaning Astringent INACTIVATED
29500-0241Oil Free Foaming Facial Cleanser INACTIVATED
29500-0555719 Walnut Ave Hand fresh aloeINACTIVATED
29500-0819Advanced Fluoride Anticavity INACTIVATED
29500-0864Personal Care Creamy Petroleum Jelly INACTIVATED
29500-0881Personal Care Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash INACTIVATED
29500-0908Wet Wipes INACTIVATED
29500-1000Personal Care INACTIVATED
29500-1497Baby Love Diaper Rash INACTIVATED
29500-2113Personal Care Creamy Petroleum Jelly INACTIVATED
29500-2216Personal Care Pyrithione Zinc Dandruff INACTIVATED
29500-2224Creamy Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly INACTIVATED
29500-2238Advanced Whitening Anticavity Fluoride INACTIVATED
29500-2264Vagi Care INACTIVATED
29500-2278Personal Care Ice Cold INACTIVATED
29500-2433Muscle Rub Ultra Strength Pain RelievingINACTIVATED
29500-2434Jock Itch AntifungalINACTIVATED
29500-2435Athletes Foot Antifungal AntifungalINACTIVATED
29500-2436Triple Antibiotic Extra StrengthINACTIVATED
29500-2437Anti-itch Extra StrengthINACTIVATED
29500-2438Anesthetic Hemorrhoidal With AloeINACTIVATED
29500-2439Hydrocortisone Ultra StrengthINACTIVATED
29500-2493Muscle Rub INACTIVATED
29500-6000Personal Care Pyrithione Zinc Dandruff INACTIVATED
29500-7000Personal Care Sensitive Skin Deep Cleaning Astringent INACTIVATED
29500-7010Personal Care Oil Free Foaming Facial Cleanser INACTIVATED
29500-7020Personal Care Oil-free Acne Wash INACTIVATED
29500-8010Personal Care Petroleum INACTIVATED
29500-8020Personal Care Petroleum INACTIVATED
29500-8030Personal Care Petroleum INACTIVATED
29500-8040Petroleum INACTIVATED
29500-8050Personal Care Products Petroleum INACTIVATED
29500-8050Personal Care Petroleum INACTIVATED
29500-8060Personal Care Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant INACTIVATED
29500-9018Personal Care Antibacterial Foaming Hand Fresh Picked StrawberriesINACTIVATED
29500-9020Personal Care Antibacterial Foaming Hand Beach BreezeINACTIVATED
29500-903Antibacterial INACTIVATED
29500-9033Vaporizing Chest INACTIVATED
29500-9034Ice Cold Analgesic INACTIVATED
29500-9038Personal Care Antibacterial Hand INACTIVATED
29500-907Hand INACTIVATED
29500-907Hand INACTIVATED
29500-9077Personal Care Antibacterial Hand - Raspberry INACTIVATED
29500-9077Antibacterial Hand INACTIVATED
29500-9078Personal Care Antibacterial Hand - Fresh Peach INACTIVATED
29500-9079Personal Care Antibacterial Hand - Fresh Melon INACTIVATED
29500-9080Personal Care INACTIVATED
29500-9082Acne Control Oil-free Cleansing INACTIVATED
29500-9083Personal Care Extra Strength Cold Hot INACTIVATED
29500-9085Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9085Personal Care Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9086Instant Hand Sanitizer And Moisterizer INACTIVATED
29500-9087Powerhouse Fresh Scent Ultra Dish INACTIVATED
29500-9088Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-909Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9090Personal Care INACTIVATED
29500-9091Personal Care INACTIVATED
29500-910Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9132Red Hot Cinnamon INACTIVATED
29500-9133Cheeky Fresh INACTIVATED
29500-9134Love You Berry Much INACTIVATED
29500-9135Sunny Tropicolada INACTIVATED
29500-9137Fresh Breeze INACTIVATED
29500-9138Crazy Coconut INACTIVATED
29500-9139Purrfect Cherry INACTIVATED
29500-9140Citrus Sparkle INACTIVATED
29500-9181Advanced Fluoride Anticavity INACTIVATED
29500-9208Personal Care Antibacterial INACTIVATED
29500-9210Solid Anti Perspirant INACTIVATED
29500-9211Ultra Dry Antiperspirant INACTIVATED
29500-9223Advanced Whitening Anticavity Fluoride INACTIVATED
29500-9233Vaporizing Chest INACTIVATED
29500-9280Personal Care Hand Sanitizer Aloe INACTIVATED
29500-9301Personal Care Antibacterial Hand Coconut GingerINACTIVATED
29500-9309Personal Care Acne Control INACTIVATED
29500-9311Penguin Icicles INACTIVATED
29500-9317Hootin Pomegranate INACTIVATED
29500-9318Gingerbread Jubilee INACTIVATED
29500-9319Personal Care Antibacterial Foaming Hand Citrus SunshineINACTIVATED
29500-9354Laughing Linen INACTIVATED
29500-9355Citrus Sunshine INACTIVATED
29500-9356Love You Berry Much INACTIVATED
29500-9357Coconut Lime INACTIVATED
29500-9359Frisky Cinnamon INACTIVATED
29500-9360Foxy Citrus INACTIVATED
29500-9361Fresh Breeze INACTIVATED
29500-9362Pretty Punch INACTIVATED
29500-9393Candy Cane INACTIVATED
29500-9394Crisp Evergreen INACTIVATED
29500-9395Sparkling Snow INACTIVATED
29500-9396Lovely Lavender INACTIVATED
29500-9399Evergreen Snowman INACTIVATED
29500-9409Hootin Pomegranate HAND SANITIZERINACTIVATED
29500-9410Funky Monkey Hawaiian HAND SANITIZERINACTIVATED
29500-9411Purrfect Rasberry HAND SANITIZERINACTIVATED
29500-9413Burger Time Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9414Fresh Fries Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9415Pizza Party Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9416Sparkled Donut Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9710Touch Free Hand INACTIVATED
29500-9711Touch Free Hand INACTIVATED
29500-9804Personal Care Therapeutic T Plus Gel INACTIVATED
29500-9815Laughing Linen Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9816Rainbow Berry Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9817Red Hot Cinnamon Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9818Thumbs-up Lime Hand SanitizerINACTIVATED
29500-9819Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9820Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9821Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9822Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9823Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9824Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9825Fresh Scent Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9826Purrfect Cherry Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9827Sunny Tropicolada Hand Sanitizer INACTIVATED
29500-9881Personal Care Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wild FlowersINACTIVATED
29500-9882Kitchen Lemon Zest INACTIVATED