NDC Labeler Young Dental Manufacturing Co I, Llc

Young Dental Manufacturing Co I, Llc labeler's code is 0273. The labeler has 38 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type
0273-0104Ammonia Inhalants Ammonia InhalantsInhalantRespiratory (inhalation)Human Otc Drug
0273-0241Oral B Neutracare Mint MentheSodium FluorideSolutionOralHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0341Oral B Minute-foam Mellow MintSodium FluorideSolutionOralHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0342Oral B Minute-foam Orange-A-TangySodium FluorideSolutionOralHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0345Oral B Minute-foam Bubble GumSodium FluorideSolutionOralHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0346Oral B Minute-foam StrawberrySodium FluorideSolutionOralHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0348Oral B Neutra Foam Mint MentheSodium FluorideSolutionOralHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0357Zooby Spearmint SafariSodium FluorideAerosol, FoamDentalHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0358Zooby Growlin GrrrapeSodium FluorideAerosol, FoamDentalHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0370Zooby Gator GumSodium FluorideAerosol, FoamDentalHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0393Zooby Happy Hippo CakeSodium FluorideAerosol, FoamDentalHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0394Zooby Turtle MelonSodium FluorideAerosol, FoamDentalHuman Prescription Drug
0273-0392Zooby Chocolate Chow
0273-7001Perfect Choice
0273-7002Perfect Choice
0273-7003Perfect Choice
0273-7004Perfect Choice
0273-7005Perfect Choice
0273-7006Perfect Choice
0273-7007Perfect Choice
0273-8001Nafrinse Unit Dose Fluoride
0273-8002Nafrinse Unit Dose Mint Flavor
0273-8003Nafrinse Unit Dose Bubble Gum
0273-8004Nafrinse Unit Dose Bubble Gum
0273-8005Nafrinse Unit Dose Verry Berry
0273-8007Nafrinse Packetskit Mint
0273-8008Nafrinse Packetskit Bubble Gum
0273-8009Nafrinse Packetskit Grape
0273-8010Nafrinse Packetskit Very Berry
0273-8012Nafrinse Packets Very Berry
0273-8013Nafrinse Packets Mint
0273-8014Nafrinse Packets Bubble Gum
0273-8015Nafrinse Packets Grape
0273-8016Nafrinse Packets Very Berry
0273-8017Nafrinse Packets Mint
0273-8018Nafrinse Packets Bubble Gum
0273-8020Nafrinse Packets Grape