NDC 0273-7003 Perfect Choice

NDC Product Code 0273-7003

NDC CODE: 0273-7003

Proprietary Name: Perfect Choice What is the Proprietary Name?
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  • 0273 - Young Dental Manufacturing Co 1, Llc.

NDC 0273-7003-16

Package Description: 497 g in 1 BOTTLE

This product is EXCLUDED from the official NDC directory because the listing data was inactivated by the FDA.

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Perfect Choice Product Labeling Information

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Indications And Usage:

Topical application of APF gel is indicated in the prevention of dental caries.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow.If swallowed during treatment, administer milk, limewater, or antacid. If larger dose is ingested (more than 1/4 ounce), contact poison control and immediately seek medical help. Do not use on patients with an allergy to fluoride.


For professional use only. This product is not intened for home or unsupervised consumer use. Repeated use may cause dulling of porcelain and ceramic restorations.

Adverse Reactions:

Developing teeth of children under age 6 may become permanently discolored if excessive amounts are repeatedly swallowed. Individuals hypersensitive to fluoride may have an adverse reaction.

Dosage And Administration:

After thorough prophylaxis, place gel in applicator tray (not more than 1/3 full). Throughly air-dry teeth and insert tray(s) in mouth. Gel may also be swab applied. Instruct patient to bite down slightly but firmly for one to four minutes. A slight chewing motion enhances coverage interproximally. Remove tray(s) and have patient expectorate excess gel. Instruct patient not to eat, drink or rinse for at least 30 minutes.

How Supplied:

A thixotropic gel, one bottle contains up to 68 individual applications. Store at controlled room temperature 20°- 25°C (68°-77°F).Do not allow to freeze.

Active Ingredients:

1.23% w/w Fluoride Ion (0.79% from Sodium Fluoride and 0.44% from Hydrogen Fluoride) in 0.1 Molar Phosphoric Acid.Contains: FD&C Yellow #6

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